Expository Essay: Pointers to Help You Out

The expository essay is one of many essays you may encounter in school. It is an essay that requires some research, making it more difficult than essays based purely on opinion. Generally, the goal is to present the reader with possible solutions or positions (positive and negative) about a particular topic. 

Some say the expository essay is very similar to the informative essay, which is quite true. Both essays do present information about a particular issue. The difference, however, is that the expository essay shows the opinions of others, while the informative essay should just give facts.

Pointers to Help You

The following are some pointers to make the essay writing process easier:

  • Choose something you like

If your teacher gives you the freedom to choose, it makes sense to pick something you are truly interested in. Since much reading is required, the more you like the topic, the easier it will be to keep going.

  • Read a lot and take notes

Since the expository essay requires you to present all angles, you must have more than one resource. Most students find that three to five different sources are necessary to fully understand what is being discussed.

As you read, you should take notes. It will be hard to remember everything you read, so you should write down important details and theories as soon as you’ve read it. It will save you a lot of time.

  • Remember to analyze and connect ideas from different sources

Some students think each paragraph in the Body is supposed to present info from one particular source. That is not correct. The idea for an expository essay is to discover the different positions (e.g. no homework at school, lots of homework at school, a balance) and present how the various sources support or attack those positions.

Topics to choose from

Some students become stumped as to what to choose. 

If this is you, consider some of the following as topics for your expository essay:

  1. How do parents feel about the rise of eSports?
  2. Are language tutoring applications more effective than learning in a classroom setting?
  3. How important is it for young people to be financially literate?
  4. Are superhero stories helping or hurting children’s self-confidence?
  5. Is homework really good for the student?
  6. Should elementary students be allowed to choose their subjects?
  7. How can parents better balance work and family life?
  8. Are students okay that a parent works far from the family if it benefits the family financially?
  9. Do the advantages of being in a teenage relationship outweigh the disadvantages?
  10. How is media affecting the way teenagers view the world?
  11. What causes teens to become alcoholics?
  12. Should foreign languages be removed from a school’s curriculum?
  13. Are teachers today more effective than a decade or two ago?
  14. Is a college degree really necessary for a good life?
  15. Does having a gap year really help a student focus on college?


The expository essay is a great way to practice your research, writing, and analytical skills. Take note of the tips above so you can do a great job making it.