The Story of an Hour is one of the most common essays by Kate Chopin. It was published in 1894. In the story, the protagonist, Louise Mallard, gets information that her husband is dead. After a while, she discovers that he isn't dead after all. The period between when she thinks he is dead and when she discovers that he is alive is what is referred to as the hour. Unlike other wives, Louise isn't depressed by the news. She felt liberated when she heard that her husband was dead. If you've been asked to write an essay about this essay, below is a sample you can follow.

Sample Analytical Essay About the Story of an Hour Essay

At the beginning of the story, the sister Josephine was discussing with her husband Richard about the heart troubles Mrs. Mallard suffered. While Josephine and Richard were trying to be discreet about the issue, their efforts were futile as Mrs. Mallard broke down in tears with the thought that she had limited time. Eventually, she accepts pulls herself together and decides to use her limited time in the world for good. She became excitable, delicate, and thoughtful.

The paper paints a picture of a woman who was rejoicing after the death of her husband. The author wrote it at a time when women didn't have the freedom to express their passion. The death of Mrs. Mallard's husband led to her emancipation. To an extent, it reflected the life of the author who had issues publishing other essays before this one. Thanks to her new approach towards life, Mrs. Mallard eventually found an elixir that saved her from certain death. She is described as a sensitive yet daring woman. The feeling of emancipation she felt after her husband's death wasn't a surprise because, at the time, most women were enslaved by marriage and fully dominated by men. They had no voice in society and were domesticated in the family setting.

Over the years, things have changed. Women now have more rights than they used to. While some women are still trapped, there is a significant difference between the 80s and now. The narrative that women are meant to be domesticated has changed. Women now take charge of families and many industries that were previously dominated by men. The number of women who feel obligated to remain in unhappy marriages, just like Mrs. Mallard has dropped significantly.

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