Top Places Where You Should Look For an Inductive Essay Example

An inductive essay allows you to present facts and then use them to draw a conclusion. This is different from a deductive approach where the facts you present are used to support a thesis stated at the beginning of your paper.

It is easier to understand these requirements when you refer to an example other than reading through a narration. However, only a good example will help you. Using a poor quality example will only cost you marks. Here are reliable places to get high quality examples.

  • Library- the library stocks reference materials for different subjects and on multiple disciplines. Visit the library and get excellent examples of inductive writing. The samples in the library are believable because they have been vetted to guarantee high quality. You can even get these samples through online portals. Ask for assistance from the resident librarian.
  • Writing bureaus- these are websites dedicated to provision of high quality academic reference materials. They include samples, proofread inductive writing examples, articles, journals, templates, outlines, etc. Most of these examples are available free of charge. However, you can request for a personalized sample but you have to pay for it.
  • Your department- the request should be made through your teacher. These examples are a compilation of the best papers produced in the department and others obtained from other sources. The teacher will also guide you in case some areas are fuzzy. An example obtained from the department is guaranteed to meet all the standards required. It will therefore never mislead your writing.
  • An old paper- writing rules do not change significantly. Use a paper produced in the previous grade only ensuring that you take to account the new instructions issued.

An essay example is only supposed to guide you during writing. Do not copy from it to avoid accusations of plagiarism. The ultimate quality of your paper will depend on the directions obtained from the sample. Writing an essay is not a problem for you - apply for a writing job on WritingJobz..