Religious freedom is a controversial topic in society. The question regarding freedom of religion doesn't have a single answer. Religious freedom defends people’s right to live, speak, and act according to their beliefs both in private and public. Religious freedom protects every citizen's ability to express their beliefs wherever they find themselves whether it's in work, at work, during social gatherings, etc. In some countries, religious freedom is for everybody. In others, there are restrictions.

Why Is Religious Freedom Important Essay: Sample Paper

Religious freedom is beyond the freedom to worship anywhere including a church, mosques, shrine, synagogue, etc. Religious freedom ensures that citizens do not have to go against their core values and beliefs to abide by governmental or cultural rules.

Religious freedom gives citizens and governments the right to treat everybody equally irrespective of their religion. It gives people of different faiths and beliefs the chance to cohabit peacefully without fear of punishment from the government.

Religious freedom benefits both individuals and communities. Most people respect each other and do not trespass upon other’s faith. Their faith leads them in whatever they do, such as their values, honesty, responsibility, etc. This, in turn, influences their families and communities. No country should be permitted to restrict religious freedom because it will endanger the lives of the citizens. It will also put civil liberties, freedom of speech, association and economic freedom at risk. Religious freedom is not limited to individuals alone, even organizations such as businesses and charity benefit from religious freedom.

Enforcing a religion on citizens is dangerous because forcing them to compromise their religious vows would render their ability to serve their communities with a complete heart useless. Most times, faith-based social service providers and educational institutions have central beliefs on topics like family, marriage, and sexuality. When people come together to form businesses they do not let their religious beliefs get into the way of doing their jobs. So, the government should not have any business regulating religious practices.

The Importance of Religious Consciousness

The doctrines of many faiths are established on the belief that truth is everlasting and static. Insisting that they change their beliefs to hold onto new cultural norms goes against all they believe in. Also, forcing a particular religion on all citizens goes against the freedom of conscience on which most countries were founded. Every individual has the freedom to hold on whatever they believe in as long as it doesn't involve breaking the law.

Citizens should not be forced to pretend to be different wherever they find themselves either offices, schools, or any social gathering. Freedom of religion does not only defend someone’s beliefs, but it also defends their right to act on their beliefs even when it affects their health. For example, some people don't accept medical care because of their religion. The government doesn't have the right to force the individual to take medication even if their lives depend on it.

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