One of the most controversial topics in the world of essays is the legalization of marijuana. One group of people want marijuana to be legal while another group believes that making cheap marijuana legal will only aid addiction. In 33 states, medical marijuana is legal and based on prescription. Recreational marijuana is only legal in 11 states. However, every state should legalize marijuana for recreational and medical use. If you've been asked to write an essay about making marijuana legal, here are the top ten topics you should consider for your essay.

Top 10 Topics for an Essay on Why Marijuana Should be Legal

  1. Legalization of Marijuana to Curb Black Market Sales
  2. Whether marijuana is legal or not, there will always be black market peddlers of the substances. These black market peddlers sell cheap, and sometimes, low-grade products to anyone interested. You can write about how making marijuana legal will reduce the sale of low-grade products and give people better access to quality products.

  3. Tapping Into the Brain Boosting Power Of CBC By Legalizing Marijuana
  4. Marijuana contains a compound called CBD. This substance is known to boost brain activity and relief chronic pain among other things. Write about how making marijuana legal can give people quick access to the healing powers of CBD.

  5. Legalizing Marijuana: Aiding the Fight Against Cancer
  6. Cancer is a plague that keeps claiming lives. While there are many treatment options available for cancer, most of these treatment options are usually accompanied by side effects like lack of appetite, fatigue, etc. Cannabis is known to boost appetite even in people going through cancer treatment. It's also useful in fighting certain types of cancer.

  7. Make Marijuana Legal and Fight Obesity
  8. Studies have shown that marijuana can help people lose weight. This happens because cannabis aids insulin regulation allowing dieters to manage calorie intake. Write about how making cannabis legal will give people an affordable and natural way to lose or manage weight.

  9. Regulating and Preventing Diabetes by Legalizing Marijuana
  10. According to research conducted in 2015, over 9% of the total population in the United States have been diagnosed with diabetes. Another 7% have no idea they have diabetes. In this essay, talk about how the insulin-regulating quality of cannabis makes it ideal for people living with diabetes and how making cannabis legal will help create awareness.

  11. Legalizing Cannabis and the Issue of Depression
  12. Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the world. It often goes undetected for years. Thankfully, the endocannabinoid compounds in marijuana have been proven to relieve depression by stabilizing moods.

  13. Make Marijuana Legal and Slow Alzheimer’s Disease
  14. Alzheimer’s disease may not have a cure yet but there is more than one research paper to prove that cannabis can slow the progression of the disease. This is all thanks to its anti-inflammatory qualities.

  15. Legalizing Cannabis: Why Cannabis is Better than Many Sleeping Aids
  16. Many sleeping aids can quickly lead to death if they are used without a prescription. However, cannabis is a safe and useful substance for people who have trouble sleeping.

  17. Fight PTSD by Making Marijuana Legal
  18. PTSD is another common mental health disorder that can be managed with marijuana. Write about how making cannabis legal will be beneficial for anyone with PTSD.

  19. Curb Alcoholism by Making Marijuana Legal
  20. Alcoholism is associated with several negative effects. Staying away from it isn't easy at all. While it may not be risk-free, marijuana can help people recovering from alcoholism.

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